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Nakamuraya Yokan


About Nakamuraya Yokan

Nakamuraya Yōkan is a traditional Japanese confectionery store on the island of Enoshima, just off the coast of Kanagawa Prefecture. Our yōkan—a kind of sweet bean jelly enjoyed by the slice as a refreshing snack—has been a popular souvenir among visitors to the island since our founding in 1902.

We use the same copperware in our kitchen today as we did a century ago to ensure the same classic sweetness and flavor. Our award-winning nori yōkan, made with local laver, is one of Enoshima’s best-known local delicacies. We also make a range of other sweets using everything from fresh tofu to locally grown tomatoes.

We’re proud of our place in the history and culture of Enoshima, home to one of Japan’s three great shrines to the goddess Benzaiten, and hope to see you on your next visit to this beautiful island.


Wagashi Products

Our yōkan are a kind of wagashi, the general term for traditional Japanese sweets. The most common ingredient in wagashi is a sweet bean paste known as an. Adzuki and navy beans in particular are essential to the flavor of sweets like yōkan and manjū buns. At Nakamuraya, we select only the finest beans for our wagashi.

Yōkan is made by kneading sugar and a thickening agent into an and simmering the mixture to produce a kind of firm jelly, which is then eaten in slices.

Because our yōkan is thickened with agar agar, derived from algae, instead of gelatin, vegans can enjoy it too. Slice it to your preferred thickness and enjoy!



Nakamuraya Yōkan is located on Enoshima, an island just off the coast of Kanagawa Prefecture popular among Japanese and international travelers alike. Our nori yōkan and other sweets are inspired by the island’s history and natural beauty, and make ideal souvenirs of your visit to Japan.

You can find our store on the way to the Okutsumiya of Enoshima Shrine, a well-signposted sightseeing destination. It is a short walk from the train station, but the view of Sagami Bay from the windows of our cafe is unbeatable. Please drop by for a refreshing wagashi break on your stroll through Enoshima!

2-5-25 Enoshima, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Tel/fax: 0466-22-4214 (sorry, we only speak Japanese)

Opening hours:
9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. (may change depending on weather)

(Open daily unless otherwise noted. Please check Facebook and Twitter for information before your visit.)